A fool is best punished when totally ignored

Sheikh Mufid said: Abdul Husain Muhammad b. al-Muzaffar al-Bazzaz, reported to me from Abul Qasim Abdul Malik b. Ali al-Dahhan, who reported from Abul Has- an Ali b. al-Hasan, from al-Hasan b. Bashir, from As’ad b. Saeed from Jabir who said:

“Once, Amirul Mo’mineen Ali b. Abi Talib, peace be upon him, heard someone abusing Qambar, and Qambar was about to answer back. So, Amirul Mo’mineen Ali, peace be upon him, called out to Qambar: “Take it easy O, Qambar! Leave the one who abuses you to be ashamed of himself, so that Allah is pleased and Satan is resentful and your adversary is punished. For, By He Who, split the grain and created the breathing man, nothing from a believer pleases His Sustainer better than forbearance; and nothing makes Satan more indignant than the silence; and the fool is best punished when totally ignored.”

Al-Amaali by Sheikh Mufid