Kindness towards Animals in Islam

“Once Imam Hassan (as) saw an African servant who had a loaf of bread eating a piece himself and giving one to a dog each time until he finished. Imam (as) asked him: What made you give a piece to the dog each time after eating a piece yourself? The man replied: I was ashamed of seeing worry in the eyes of the animal. Imam (as) said: Whose servant are you? He said: I am Aban ibn Uthman’s. Imam (as) asked: Whose garden is it? He answered: It is Aban ibn Uthman’s.  Then Imam (as) told him: Please stay here until I’m back. He bought the servant and the garden, came back and said: I bought you. The servant stood up and said: I listen to and obey God, the prophet (as) and you my master. Imam (as) replied: I bought the garden also and I free you for the sake of God and grant you the garden.

This is how he thanked a person’s beneficence toward an animal and he made the servant reach freedom and wealth.”

The Prophets Fragrant Flower, Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba by Ayatollah Sheikh Wahid Khorasani page 17


Imam Sadiq ع quoted Imam Ali ع “Note traditions along with their references. If they are correct, you will share in the reward in the Hereafter, and if they are wrong, the sin will be for the original authors to whom you referred.”

Mishkatul Anwar Fi Ghuraril Akhbar by al-Tabarsi