Imam Baqir (as) said “When my father (as) was dying, he embraced me to his chest and said: ‘O son, go through with the right, even if it is bitter, so that your rewards will be given to you completely without judgment.’”

Source: Prophetic Gems by Sheikh Mateen Charbonneau pg 360, al-Mawaaizh by Sheikh Saduq

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Dealing with Autism

I wanted to write something about the topic of Autism, because when I looked back I have never seen this topic addressed by anyone in our Muslim community. Autism is a growing issue in the world as one in 68 children are diagnosed with this condition. I wanted to address a few issues about dealing with Autism in hopes that it may help someone who is a parent, loved one or a friend of someone with a child who has Autism. I’m not going to go into what Autism is exactly, because that would be a lengthy discussion and there are plenty of websites and books dealing with this topic. I will just say briefly that it is a neurological disorder that affects ones social and communication skills. It is termed as being on the spectrum, because there are so many different variations of Autism that every child is different…

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