Salam everyone,
We have had an ongoing increase of prisoners writing us from all over the country. These past two weeks we had 84 letters to answer from prisoners requesting knowledge of Ahl ul Bayt (as). We have 4 large bags (like the one in the picture below) of books packaged and ready to ship, but we are lacking the money to ship them. We have also run out of books now.
The shipping cost is roughly $5 per package so we are in need of at least $420 to be able to mail all of the books out. Once, we receive the contributions we will be able take these packages to the post office. Thank you again and to help contribute to this continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariyya) please visit:
We have also made a campaign which will be released soon with all the expenses we will be needing to run this program for the next six months. We will share it as soon as it is available. (

We would like to thank you for your continued help and support.

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