Jabir narrates that Imam Baqir (as) said to me “Oh Jabir  does it suffice that a person claims to be Shia and that he says he loves us, the Ahl ul bayt (as)? By Allah! No one is our Shia except that he has piety for Allah (guard himself against sin) and obeys Him. They (shia) are not known or recognized except for their humility, modesty, fear of Allah, submission, trust worthiness, abundantly remembering Allah, fasting, prayers, kindness to the parents, looking after the poor, neighbors, afflicted people, the indebted ones and the orphans. Speaking the truth, reciting the holy Quran, restraining of the tongue about people except mentioning them with goodness and beneficence and they are the trustees for their tribes in all the affairs.”[i]


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