This book is very dear to me and I thank God that I was able to complete it after many years of hard work. I started compiling these narrations shortly after I converted to Islam, which was in in 1999. At that time, I was 17 years old serving a 10-year sentence in a maximum-security prison of South Carolina, USA. I was reading so many books that I wanted to preserve all of the highlighted things that stood out to me the most. 
Unfortunately, the prison only allowed us 10 books at a time, so I wondered how in the world would I ever be able to have all of these narrations when I needed them. How could be possible if I were to continue reading more books over my 10-year prison term? Luckily, I found a loophole which was that they did not have a limit of notebooks that we were allowed to have, so I started writing all of my favorite narrations from all these books I was reading over the years along with their sources in notebooks. By the end of my 10-year sentence I had three notebooks written: front and back of each page! I used the hard cover of an old book to place over these three notebooks. I still have this original handwritten book till this day: 17 years later! 
I was finally able to type all of these narrations out into a document which added up to about 1,700 narrations on various subjects dealing with beliefs, morality, status of the Prophet (s) and his Family (as), etc. (614 pages)
I wanted to leave this as a legacy for my children to benefit from and be a guide for them throughout their life. I hope that others can benefit from this endeavor as well.  
We at 2nd Chance Books will also, will be sending this book into the prisons of South Carolina that I left behind and also prisons throughout the United States. To help contribute to this cause please visit our webpage at:

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