Imam Sadiq (as)  speaks about the beliefs in Compulsion (Jabr) and Freewill (Tafwidh) which will show us that both of these beliefs are incorrect and actually one who believes in them is a disbeliever (Kafir).

عن أبي عبداللّه عليه‌السلام قال: «الناس في القَدَر على ثلاثة أوجه : رجل زعم أنّ اللّه عزوجل أجبر الناس على المعاصي فهذا قد ظلم اللّه عزوجل في حكمه وهو كافر ، ورجل يزعم أنّ الأمر مفوّض إليهم فهذا وهن اللّه في سلطانه فهو كافر، ورجل يقول : إنّ اللّه عزوجل كلّف العباد ما يطيقون ،  ولم يكلّفهم ما لا يطيقون، فإذا أحسن حمد اللّه ، وإذا أساء استغفر اللّه فهذا مسلم بالغ»[ 1

 [1] بحار الأنوار : (ج 5 ص9  ب1  ح 14  and Aqaed Haqqa by Ayatollah Sayed Ali Hussaini as-Sadr page 190

Imam Sadiq (as) said: “People in regards to predestination are of 3 categories: The first is a man who assumes that Allah the Mighty and Glorious compels man to sin. This is certainly injustice towards Allah in regards to His ruling over His Kingdom and he who believes in this is a disbeliever. The second is a man who assumes that Allah gave him absolute free will over His actions without anyone being able to interfere in his actions, then this is lessening of Allah in His kingdom and he who believes this is a disbeliever. Thirdly, there is a man who says that Allah Mighty and Glorious obligated His servants what they are capable of doing and did not obligate them to do things that they are incapable of doing. Then when he does good he praises Allah and when he sins he seeks forgiveness of Allah. This is a Muslim.”

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