Imam Sadiq (as) said “Some of the rights of a Muslim upon his Muslim brother are that he salutes him when he meets him, visits him when he becomes ill, when he is absent he wishes him his benevolence and beneficence (i.e., defends him in his absence), prays for him when he sneezes (saying God have mercy on you), accepts his invitation when he invites him, accompanies his funeral when he dies. The Muslim’s right upon (another) Muslim is that he must not be full and satiated while his brother remains hungry, he must not get his thirst quenched while his brother remains thirsty and he must not dress himself up when his brother is naked. So how great is the right of a Muslim upon his Muslim brother.” And he (A.S) said “Do wish for your Muslim brother the same which you want for yourself.”[i]

[i] USOOL AL KAFI VOL 2. P 170-171

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