Imam Baqir (as) said “The person who serves Allah according to a religion so putting himself in great inconvenience and hardship for it, but does not have an Imam fixed by Allah then his endeavor is unaccepted (rejected). And he is a lost, gone astray and a wandering person in (a state of) perplexity. And Allah is the enemy of his practices. And his example is that of a sheep which has lost her shepherd and herd and remains wandering here and there all day long. Thereafter, when night falls she mistakenly joins a (different) herd whose shepherd is other than the shepherd of her own herd. After (the night) when the shepherd drives the herd she again gets astonished and perplexed not finding her own shepherd and herd and again starts the search for her own shepherd and herd. And (again) finds a shepherd with a herd (only) to mistakenly join it and the shepherd having seen her shouts at her asking her to go and join it’s own herd since, she has lost her shepherd and herd. And she is amazed and at a loss to know what to do. She being afraid of the wolf is running this way and that way. She does not have her shepherd to lead her to her meadow or turn her back. In the mean while, the wolf valuing and esteeming the opportunity eats her up. And, by Allah, similarly any body in this ummah and community too who starts a morning in a condition that he does not believe in the Imam appointed by Allah, an Imam who is evident, apparent, just and equitable he will start the morning in a condition that he is gone astray & perplexed. And if he dies in this (very) condition he will die a death of infidelity & hypocrisy.”[i]

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