A man came to the chief of martyrs, Imam Hussain (as), and said “I am a man who commits sin and do not have patience and constraining power against sin and wrongs, so admonish me with a (piece of) admonition. Thus he said “Do five things and commit any sin you may wish. First is that do not eat the sustenance of Allah and do commit any sin you wish. And secondly, get out of the dominion of Allah and do perform any sin you like to and thirdly seek a place where Allah does not see you and commit any sin you please and fourthly when the angel of death come to take your soul, repel him from your self and do any sin you may please. And fifthly when Malik (the in charge of the Hell) makes you enter the fire do not enter the fire (hell) and do any sin which you may please.”[i]
[i] BIHAR UL ANWAR VOL 78, P 126

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