The Holy Prophet (s) said “Shamoon (the grandson of Judah. one of the disciples of Jesus) submitted to Jesus the Prophet of God ‘Describe to me the signs of ignorant?’ The Prophet Jesus (as) said:

1. If you become his companion he will offend &: grieve you.
2. And if you avoid him he will revile and vilify you.
3. And if he gives some thing to you he will hold you under obligation.
4. If you give him some thing he will be ungrateful.
5. If you tell him a secret he will commit dishonesty with you (by revealing &: opening it).
6. And if he tells you a secret he will blame you (about it’s opening).
7. And if he becomes wealthy he will get proud and show insolence and petulance.
8. And if he becomes poor he will refuse the blessings of Allah and will not care about committing sin.
9. And if he gets glad and happy he commits insolence and inordinacy.
10. And if he is grieved he gets disappointed.
11. And if he laughs his laughter is a burst (loud laughter).
12. And if he cries he laments and wails.
13. Attacks and assaults the pious ones.
14. He does not love Allah and does not observe His law.

15. And he does not feel ashamed before Allah.
16. He does not remember Allah.
17. If you please him he admires you and exaggerates in admiring you and falsely attributes the things (virtues) which you do not possess.
18. If he gets angry with you all his admiration (for you) finishes up, and he attributes unworthy things to you. This is the way of the ignorant.’[i]
[i] TUHFUL AQOOL, P 18/19

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