Imam Sajjad (as) said “The right of your mother is that you know she has carried you (in her womb) in a manner that nobody has carried the other. And fed you from the fruit of her heart in a way that nobody has fed the other. She safe guarded and preserved you with (extreme) pleasure by her ears, eyes, hands, feet, hair, skin and all of her body parts with joy and felicity, bearing in it all the odds pains, agonies, discomforts, and burdens till such time the hand of Allah detached and expelled you from her to the earth. Then she got contented and pleased that she remains hungry and feeds you and dresses you up remaining herself nude and quenches your thirst while she is thirsty and she puts you in the shade and while herself remains under the sun and brings you up with the extreme blandishment and delicacy while herself (remaining) in hardship. And makes you enjoy the sweet sleep while herself waking. And her womb was a container (utensil) for you and her lap was a soothing and comforting place for you. And her breasts were a means of quenching your thirst. And her existence was a shield for protecting you. She endured the hot and cold (good and bad) of the world for your sake. Therefore, you must also thank her at the same scale and standard. And you do not have the capability and power of doing it but with the aid and help of Allah and his succor and grace.”[i]


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