It is narrated from Abu Basir that he was in the company of Imam Baqir (as) when a man from Africa entered and the Imam addressed him saying “What is the condition of Rashid?” He replied “When I departed from my hometown he was in perfect health and asked me to convey his greetings to you.”

The Imam said “May Allah have mercy on him, he has passed away from the world.” The African said “When I departed he was in perfect health and he did not suffer from any illness.” Imam said to him “Whoever dies, dies because of some illness or disease.”

The narrator said: I asked “Who is Rashid?” He replied “He was from our Shia. If you think that we do not have eyes that are watching you and ears that are listening to your voices than you have thought evil. By Allah, nothing is concealed from us. Regard us as present and make yourselves habitual to do good and be from the good doers. I order this to my descendants and my Shia.”

(Muntahaiyyul Aamal Vol. 2 Chapter of the Miracles of Imam Baqir) 

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