Imam Baqir (a.s) narrated that once when Moses (a.s) left the house, he met one of the Israelites. He went to Mount Tur with him and asked him to sit down until he returned. He drew a circle around him and raised his head towards the sky and said: “I entrust You with my friend. You are the best Guardian.” Then he left. Then he went away and made supplications to God in a truly spiritual way. When he returned, he saw that a lion had attacked his friend, torn him into pieces, and eaten him up. Then Moses (a.s) raised his head towards the sky and said: “O’ God! I entrusted him with You because You are the best Guardian. But You sent your worst beast to attack him, kill him, tear him into pieces and eat him up!” A revelation came: “O’ Moses! Your friend had a rank in Heaven that he could not attain otherwise. O’ Moses! Look!” Then the curtains of the Unseen were drawn aside and Moses (a.s) looked on and saw his friend in an exalted house. Then Moses said: “O’ Lord! I am pleased.”

Hadith #1718 from the book Mishkatul anwar fi ghurur il akhbar

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