We set out with the mission in mind of how can we bring quality Islamic books to the people at an affordable price. Through this process they will be able to purchase more books and increase their knowledge about Islam. In these books we will see how our beloved Masumeen (as) have given us many formulas and examples about life from how to be thankful, grateful and praise Allah (swt) in good times and also how to beg for His assistance and remain steadfast in our worship when we are tested. These examples can be found and learned by taking time to study the lives of our beloved 14 infallibles, may Allah’s (swt) peace and blessings be showered upon them and their loyal supporters. You can find a wide variety of books for sale on our website www.yasinpublications.org

During the process our hardworking team brainstormed on how we can deliver the knowledge in these books for sale to the people who are less fortunate in life. Those who are looking for a 2nd chance and are looking for a change and desire to walk the straight path, but are unable to access the necessary information on the lives and teachings of our beloved Infallibles (as).

So, we decided to start the “2nd Chance Books for Prisoners Program” that is operated by your kind and generous donations. We have been blessed to have had a great start and been successful through your continuous support. This Initiative is dedicated to our dearly beloved 11th Imam Hassan Al-Askari (as) the great grandson of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and father of our beloved 12th Imam al Qāim al-Hujjat Muhammad al-Mahdi [atf]. With just $25 you can sponsor a package of six books to a prisoner. We send these books through our publishing company www.YasinPublications.org. We want to stress the importance of helping a fellow believer who is less fortunate than ourselves and to remember that our beloved Imam Ali (as) is reported to have said through a beautiful narration

“Do not feel ashamed if the amount of charity is small because to refuse the needy is an act of greater shame”

“To render relief to the distressed and to help the oppressed make amends for great sins.”

The way that you can help assist us in this great task is to visit www.yasinpublications.org/2nd-chance-books/ Once you go to the website an in-depth description of the program is located there and also you will see a donate button to send you contributions to sponsor a prisoner.

Again we are overwhelmingly thankful to Allah (swt) and the Ahlul bayt (as) for allowing us the opportunity to assist our English speaking community. We also thank you for all of your continuous support and humbly ask that you continue to grow with us by the permission of Allah (swt). We salute you all and want you to know the we are at your service.

Yasin Publications.

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