Rosary (Tasbih) of Karbala soil is a part of Paradise

Let us see about the Tasbih. The first to prepare a Tasbih was Fatima (s.a.). She took up some soil from the grave of Hamzah, the leader of martyrs in Uhud and made a rosary for remembering Allah constantly and frequently.

In the days of Imam Sadiq (‘a), he recommended, “Take benefit of the soil of Karbala for making rosaries. If such a rosary is made of the earth of the grave of Husain (‘a), it will fetch rewards even without recitation.”
Since the particles of the soil of the grave of Husain in Karbala them selves are busy glorifying God, the one holding its rosary will benefit even when he does not recite anything. Shaykh Shustari says, “This glorification is not like all other glorifications made by everything in the world. This one is extraordinary as it belongs to a part of paradise.” A tradition says, “O Jabir! Visit the grave of Husain (‘a). Verily Karbala is a part of paradise.”

Heart of the Quran: A Commentary of Surah Yasin by Ayatollah Dastaghayb

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