Abu Noam reports; “Once I was with Ali and Imam Husain in the Saqar Safeen. When we came to the town of Tainvi, Ali warned Husain to stop on the banks of the Euphrates. When I asked the reason, Ali revealed that he had been forewarned by Jibrail that Husain should be killed on the banks of the Euphrates, and he (the Apostle) had been shown a handful of dust of that place by the arch angel.” (Sunni source) 

Baihaqee reports from Umm-e~Fazl: “Once I had Imam Husain in my lap that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) came and staring him burst into tears. I requested him to give the reason ofhis shedding tears. Thereupon, the Apostle revealed that Jibrail (Gabriel) had informed him that his followers would kill his son, Husain.’ Later Imam Husain was slain in Kerbala making the prophecy true.” (Sunni source) 

Ibn-i-Asakar reports from Mohammad bin Umar bin Hasan: “Once I was with Imam Husain in the Kerbala. The Imam said on seeing Shimr, ‘Allah and his Messenger told the truth.” On enquiry he revealed, “The Holy Prophet (pbuh) told that he saw a white-spotted dog putting his snout in the blood of his skin; and Shimr had white leprosy and was spotted white. (Sunni source)

300 Authenticated Miracles of the Holy Prophet by Badr Azimabadi

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