The Martyrdom of Qasim ibn Hassan (as)

When Qasim saw that Aun and Muhammad had been granted permission to march out on the entreaties of their mother, he rushed to his mother’s tent. Almost sobbing with disappointment, he told Umme Farwa that Aun and Muhammad had secured the Imam’s permission on the intercession of their mother but he had nobody to plead on his behalf with his uncle. In utter despondency he said; “If I am not destined to be a martyr on this day, life has no charm left for me. Am I destined to be a captive and led through the streets to a prison cell?”
Upon seeing Qasim so bitter and dejected Umme Farwa burst into tears of grief. Controlling herself she began to think what to do to get Husain’s permission for him. Her first reaction was to go over to the Imam and to implore him as his brother’s widow and seek…

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