Ziyarat in the eyes of Imam al-Ridha (as)

Rayyan Ibn Shabib narrated:

Imam al-Ridha (as) said, “O Son of Shabib! Muharram is a month in which even the people of the former age of ignorance forbade oppression and bloodshed due to its sanctity. However, this nation did not honor the sanctity of this month nor did they honor the sanctity of their Prophet. In this month, they killed the Prophet’s progeny, enslaved his women, and plundered his belongings. May Allah never forgive them for these crimes.
O Son of Shabib! If you wish to cry for anything or anyone, cry for al-Husain Ibn Ali for he was slaughtered like a sheep. Eighteen members from his family who were unparalleled on earth were also killed along with him. Certainly, the seven heavens and earths cried because of the murder of al-Husain. Four thousand Angels descended on earth to aid him, but (when they were allowed to reach there) they…

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