A Muslim's Rights

The Prophet (sawa) said: “Every believer has 30 obligations over his brother-in-faith which could not be said to have been met unless he either performs them or is excused from performing them by his brother-in-faith.” (Textbook of Ethics)

1. Forgiving his mistakes
2. Being merciful and kind to him when he is in a foreign land
3. Guarding his secrets
4. Giving him a hand when he is about to fall
5. Accepting his apology
6. Discouraging backbiting about him
7. Persisting in giving him good advice
8. Treasuring his friendship
9. Fulfilling his trust
10. Visiting him when he is ill
11. Being with him at his death
12. Accepting his invitations and presents
13. Returning his favors in the same way
14. Thanking him for his favors
15. Being grateful for his assistance
16. Protecting his honor and property
17. Helping him meet his needs
18. Making an effort to solve his problems
19. Saying to him Yarhamuka Allah (May Allah have mercy on you) when he sneezes
20. Guiding him to the thing he has lost
21. Answering his greeting
22. Taking him at his word
23. Accepting his bestowals
24. Confirming him if he swears to something
25. Being kind and friendly towards him
26. Helping him when he is unjust by stopping him or when he is being a victim of injustice
27. Not being unsympathetic and hostile towards him
28. Refraining from feeling bored and fed up of him
29. Not forsaking him in the midst of troubles
30. Liking for him whatever good you would like for yourself, and disliking for him whatever you would dislike for yourself.

Jami al-Sa’adat (The Collector of Felicities) by Muhammad Mahdi ibn Abi Zarr al-Naraqi pg 37-38 published by Yasin Publications

These are the morals we should live by and the way that we should treat each other. Just imagine if we lived by all of these how much better this world would be. The Prophet (sawa) gave us the remedy for our social problems, but it is up to us to put them into practice.

Excerpt from Mystery of the Shia by Mateen J. Charbonneau Available at:


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