Although western media advocates the conflict in Syria as a civil war with the goal of freedom, evidences prove Syria has become a land where religious extremist head to kill perspective enemy. Wahhabi extremists from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia turned to Syria with a primary mission to cleanse the area from Shia Muslim. Shia Muslims and Alawis are being killed even if they are not pro- Assad regime; they are being killed because of their faith. Anti- Shia terrorist groups found conflict in Syria a perfect cover up for their terror acts. They target Shia Muslim populated areas such as Edlib, Az-zahra, Kafaria, fawa, Halab, Nubbul, Homs and Zayinabia and kill Shia. Arabian news outlets such asalraimedia, gulfmedia, and elaph report 2450 Shia Muslim have been killed in Syria. Shia Rights Watch, however, believe many more Shia have lost their lives in Syria since the start of conflict. Two Shia cities of Az-zahra and Nubbul are still under siege and the residents have no access to food and medical supplies. Shia areas have repeatedly faced cases of rape, siege, and slaughter and many flee from their resident to protect their families.

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