The Suffering of the Ahl ul Bayt (as) and their Shia

The Suffering of the Ahl ul Bayt (as) and their Shia

Study and see how the Family of the Holy Prophet (sawa) were treated after the martyrdom of our beloved Prophet (sawa). How the Prophet (sawa) was poisoned, How his beloved daughter Fatima (as) was crushed behind the door, whipped and made to miscarriage her unborn son Muhsin (as) all while they were setting fire to her house while her children the masters of the youths of paradise Hassan (as) and Hussain (as) were inside. How they stole her land of Fadak and source of income as a way to put economic sanctions on them. How Imam Ali (as) was made to suffer under the rule of these oppressive rulers who stole his rights and then eventually killed him by a fatal blow of a sword while he was in prostration to his Lord. How they tortured and killed his followers, the shia, by cutting out their tongues, burying them alive inside of walls, crucifying them, exiling them, cutting off their heads and the list goes on. How they poisoned Imam Hassan (as) then obstructed his body from being buried beside his Grandfather the Messenger of Allah (sawa). How they Brutally massacred Imam Hussain (as), his family, friends and even his 6 month old baby, while all of them had been without food and water for three consecutive days. How they imprisoned his women and children and made them march in chains from Karbala to the prison of Damascus while whipping them and with all of the heads of their loved ones mounted on spears in the front of the army of these devils. How all of the Imam’s to follow, except Imam Mahdi (atf), were all killed by poison.

The Suffering of the Ahl ul Bayt (as) and their followers throughout history by Mateen J Charbonneau



“Christians who Defended and Died for Prophet Muhammad and his Family”

In researching Islamic history I have found in many cases that during the life time of the Holy Prophet (sawa), and also during the times of the twelve righteous Imams from his Holy Household (Ahl-ul-Bayt, as), some of the Christians stood up for the members of Holy Household when they were oppressed. It makes one wonder, why did these Christians support and defend the Prophet (sawa) and his pure family, when they belonged to a different religion? The Prophet and his family’s character were so noble that even the idol worshippers at the time of the holy Prophet (sawa), who hated him, could not come up with anything bad to say about his morals. The Prophet’s title, even before proclaiming his Prophethood, was “The Trustworthy” (Al-Ameen) and “The Truthful” (As-Saadiq). These Holy personalities shined their light on everyone they came in contact with. It was amazing for people to witness such sublime morality in a human being, as they (as) treated everyone with fairness and justice.

The Christians felt safe under the true Islamic government during Prophet’s (sawa) and Imam Ali’s (as) rule, and all of their rights were protected under their ruler-ship.

The Prophet (sawa) and his pure family (as) felt that it was their duty to help their fellow human being in need. When the Christians witnessed the Prophet’s (sawa) family being oppressed, some of the Christian monks acknowledged the right of their divine leadership (Imamate) and they stood up for justice and died defending them.

In this humble attempt I have compiled some historical accounts from the life of Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and his Family’s treatment towards Christians during there respected times. Also I have included historical accounts of Christians who protected the Holy Prophet (sawa) and some who gladly laid down their lives for his Holy family (as). I hope this book will show the reader about how the Prophet (sawa) and his family demonstrated the true relationship between Islam and Christianity and how it should be today.

This is the Islam that was practiced by Muhammad (PBUH) and his Family, not the Islam which was hijacked, and is still hijacked, by the corrupt rulers after the Prophet’s (sawa) martyrdom.

Prophet Muhammad (sawa) treated everyone with justice and equality, but the rulers who took away the divine leadership from his family, excessively performed terrible deeds in the name of Islam. We need to recognize the distorted actions performed by these corrupt rulers and disassociate from their actions entirely and show people the true form of Islam as taught by our Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and his Household. It is up to us as God-fearing people to bridge the gaps between the two religions of Christianity and Islam; and to treat one another kindly with the aim to please the one and only God who created us all.

Imam Ali (as) is reported as saying “Know that people are of two types: they are either your brothers in religion or your equal in creation.”

Find in-depth narrations of these stories and more in the book Christians who Defended and Died for Prophet Muhammad and his Family by Mateen J. Charbonneau.

The Grandson of Malcolm X

The Grandson of Malcolm X

Much love to my brother Malcolm, The Grandson of Malcolm X , for supporting my book “The Suffering of the Ahl ul Bayt and their Followers (Shia) throughout History”

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