“One day Imam Hassan (as) was riding his horse and he met a man from Sham. The man started insulting the Imam (as) and imam said nothing until he stopped, then looked at him, smiled and said: I suppose you are a traveler and have mistaken me. If you want me to be satisfied with you I’d be and if you ask me for something I will give you. I would guide you if you need guidance, give you food if you are hungry, give you clothes if you are untended, grant you money if you are poor, shelter you if you have no place to stay and fulfill your wish. And it would be better if you come to our house and be our guest till the day you leave. As the man heard these things he started crying and said: I testify that you are the ruler of Allah on Earth, God knows well in whom to put his prophecy. You and your father were my biggest enemies before and now you are the best creatures of God for me.

He put his luggage at Imam’s home and stayed there till he left the city and then became one of the lovers and believers of Ahl ul-bayt.”

I suggest that everyone read this book to get a glimpse at the greatness of our 2nd Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (as).