I had a great time at Imam Ali Center last night. Sayed Hassan Qazwini delivered a great speech and talked about many different topics. One that stuck out to me was about the leadership of Imam Ali ع.

He said that if we had a leader like Imam Ali ع today we would not have these riots and uprisings like the Baltimore incident recently. That is because Imam Ali ع treated everyone with justice and fairly. There was no police brutality and people were given their due rights.

He said that Imam Ali ع treated everyone good no matter what their race or religion. He said that his close companions Qambar and Maytham at-Tammar were black men and that the Imam loved these companions so much that he treated them as family. He then emphasized on how we treat other races asking the crowd if an African American were to walk in the center how would you treat them? He said that we must treat them in same way Imam Ali ع would have, giving the example of Qambar and Maytham.

He also spoke about how all other religions have outreach offices in their places of worship, but what have we been doing to help others know the true Islam. How we should invite other people to attend the mosque and not make it an exclusive club for one ethnic group or the other, excluding all the other people. He spoke on how we should be proud to be Muslims and at the same time be brave to share our beliefs with the American people.

It was a great speech. There are so many other things he spoke about, but these are just a few.


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